Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Kids Birthdays

Well today I received a very interesting email from my aunt Debbie. Aaron's Dad is not the only grandpa who will share their birthday with Kaylynn. My great grandpa, Arthur Seymour, was also born on May 13th. This means the Kaylynn will share her birthday with her grandpa and her great great grandpa.

I also found out that Ashton and my Dad also share their birthday with Grandma Rita's father who is John Trauscht. So Ashton also shares his birthday with his grandpa and great great grandpa.

Events like this can't even be planned if you wanted them to. What lucky children I have. My goodness will we go three for three with our next? I think its funny that three of the grandpas are all from my dad's side. I just thought this was so neat I wanted to make sure I wrote it down so that I can remember it. Tomorrow will be a very special day, we can't wait!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby News!

Well today I had my 39 week appointment and much to my dismay Kaylynn has only dilated to a 2 and isn't doing much. Her heart rate is great and mom and baby are doing fine. The doctor asked what we wanted to do and I said lets induce because I don't want to be late. I asked if we could do it this weekend, he said he was busy and asked how about thursday. So I am schedule to go into the hospital at 4 am on Thursday.

Are you curious who won the birthday pool? With so many birthdays in May, Kaylynn was bound to have the same birthday as someone. If she is born on Thursday she will have the same birthday as Aaron's Dad, May 13th. What are the odds of having each of our children born on their grandpa's birthdays? Probably pretty slim, but it a pretty unique and wonderful experience. We are so excited that she is coming so soon. My next post will be pictures of the delivery and introducing Kaylynn to the world. Wish us luck, with this stubborn one I am going to need it!

So to recap, we are delivering this Thursday, May 13th. Yeah!!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Well I may be a day late, but Happy Mothers Day to everyone. I hope my mom knows how much I love her and missed her yesterday. I hope everyone had a great day, I know I had a wonderful and relaxing day. Aaron brought me home flowers on Friday which he cut and arranged himself. They were beautiful and are always one of my favorite presents. By the time Sunday rolled around, my weekend had been so packed that I just needed time to rest. So we went to church and saw Ashton sing with the primary, then Aaron brought me home and put me to bed. Aaron took care of Ashton all day long and even made dinner and cleaned! I haven't been able to lay in bed and watch a movie marathon in a long time and it was wonderful. It was the best Mother's Day present ever. Of course today it was off to the races again, but at least I had one day to re-coop. Thanks honey for my day, I sure needed it.

I also got to celebrate Mother's Day a little early with Ashton at Preschool. They had a picnic set up outside for us with cards and flowers waiting as we arrived. Then they brought us muffins, water, and fruit. Then each child told us a little bit about there mom and gave us a necklace they made for us. It was so cute and it was fun to hear their answers to the questions. I can't thank Mrs. Moore enough for all the wonderful projects and activities she has done with them this year. It's been a blessing to have Ashton in her class.

Primary Temple Field Trip

This past Saturday the Primary took a field trip to the Las Vegas Temple. Of course I volunteered to go and help. We have not taken Ashton to see the temple because it is on the opposite side of town, but he was so excited to go. They had several different stations where they would talk about the temple and why it's so special. Surprisingly the kids were very reverent and it was a wonderful experience. I'm not sure how much Ashton learned, but he loved the temple and asks me every day if we can go back and see the temple. A three year old may not understand the importance of the temple, but they know that it's special and it's somewhere they want to be. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful that we have such an inspired primary presidency. I truly appreciate their hard work and all they do for our children. Ashton LOVES primary and he is learning so much. I am thankful for such a wonderful program!

Boys will be Boys

Well I hate to say it, but boys are out numbering the girls in this household. With lots of boys, comes silliness and things you would never think would happen. Tank has officially been adopted into our family and is like having another little boy. Ashton and him have so much fun together and where ever Ashton goes, Tank is close behind. The other day I couldn't see them in the back yard so I walked outside to check on them. Much to my surprise, Ashton had locked himself and Tank in his crate. Ashton was laughing his head off and Tank was just going with the flow. They are just to cute! Even though we are still working with the two of them on how they can play, I constantly find myself laughing at them. Tank is a great playmate for Ashton and I know it will really help once Kaylynn finally arrives. Ashton has his little chores like filling up Tanks water and food and helping us walk him. He really likes being a part of it and helping take care of him. Two best friends :).

My King Size Quilt

Well I have been blogging about my king quilt for months and I finally took a picture of it! It is on our bed and beautiful! I Love it so much and my matching pillow cases I made are just the right touch. It was such a fun project, I just might have to make another one for my guest room. What a wonderful learning experience that I can now appreciate. Thanks for all the help mom, I couldn't have done it with out you!

My 28th Birthday

Well another year older and maybe a little wiser too, I celebrated my 28th Birthday this past week. Being 38 weeks pregnant at this point, I didn't plan to do a whole lot on my birthday. A mother's work is never done and so I spent most of my day shuttling Ashton around to his different activities and I would have it any other way. First we had preschool, then a field trip, then a doctors appointment, and then his Karate class. Then we picked up Aaron and went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, Islands. My food was fantastic and they gave me an entire piece of Kona pie for my birthday. It was fantastic! Then I finally made it home to open my presents. This was the first year I was completely away from my family and the first time it was just us for my birthday. Thank you everyone who mailed their presents to me, it was so fun to get so many packages and cards on my birthday! The next night Krystle, Dan and Luke came over and we were lucky enough to have Grandaddy in town staying with us as well. We all had dinner and shared some cake an ice cream. It was a wonderful birthday and I LOVED everything I got.

These are just some shots of a few a things I got for my birthday. Yes I look a little tired, but running around all day and about to have a baby tends to have that effect on you :). It has been a fantastic year and each year I am enjoying the experiences that life has thrown my way. I've learned that my best friends will always be family and I have come to appreciate my mom and the wonderful women she is more and more. To another year of wonderful memories and experiences, I can only hope will be as good or better than the last.

Karate Class

This past week Ashton started his first Karate class. I have been wanting to sign him up for a weekly class for a long time and finally found one that worked with his school schedule that I thought would be fun. Of course he had no idea what was going on, but was still excited to be a part of a class. His friend Audrey from preschool is in the same class so I was hoping he would follow her good example. The boys in the class were crazy and the girls all listened and followed instructions. It was a rough first class, but Ashton loved it. I'm sure after a few more classes he will figure it out and follow instructions better. Something new is always exciting and as long as he is having fun, then it's worth it to me. Hopefully it will just be fun exercise for him and he won't take the kicking and punching literally :). The teacher is great and must have an extreme amount of patience! Our next set of classes will be swimming lesson in June and hopefully start soccer in the fall. This age is so fun, I love that he loves being active and loves to learn. Let's hope this is a trend he will keep for the rest of his life!

*P.S. Don't ask me why Ashton is making funny smile faces, but this is his new smile face for now. He is so silly sometimes.

Field Trips

Even though I am about ready to have a baby, May is just a crazy month for anyone. Ashton's teacher has just done such a wonderful job with his preschool. We have gone on all sorts of field trips this year. The last two field trips were to Albertsons and Petco. I forgot my camera for the Albertsons trip, but they were lead around the store and given all sorts of food samples. They even got to pet a real live lobster named Louie. At the beginning they gave them a bag full of goodies and a fireman hat. They each wore their hats and carried their bags around the store. The boys are so cute, it's fun to watch them.

The following week we headed to Petco. On this field trip, they were escorted around to each of the animal areas and even allowed to pet some of the animals. In California Ferrets are illegal to own and much to my surprise that is NOT the case in Nevada. The boys were able to see Ferrets and even pet one. The other animal they were allowed to pet was rat. They thought this was pretty cool. I would have to say that I think their favorite was the fish's and the reptiles. Ashton got a kick out of the turtle and sat and watched him for quit awhile. It was fun taking him to a pet store and actually let him enjoy all the different kinds of animals. The field trips were a lot of fun and it even more fun to see Ashton lite up and excited face. It's moments like these that make me happy to be a mom. Thanks for the great trips Mrs. Moore.