Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Parties

So far we have already been to two Halloween parties this week. My mom was kind enough to make Ashton's costume for me while we were visiting. We went to Walmart and bought the best material and the outfit turned out adorable. I probably spent way to much, but he was the cutest cowboy I have ever seen :)! Our first party was the trunk or treat at church. Ashton help me pass out candy and then we got to go trick or treating. It's a great opportunity to work on manners and waiting your turn. He was so polite and loved getting all the candy.

The next party we had was at his preschool. All the kids wore their costumes and she set up different stations with Halloween activities to do. It was fun for Ashton to show me around and tell me all the different things they do. They sang songs for us and all the kids had so much fun. I really love the preschool he is at, Holly (his teacher) does such a great job. I couldn't help but take lots of pictures.

I attached the video of one of the songs they sang for us. You can see Ashton mouthing the words and doing the gestures, but you can't hear him sing. It was still cute and worth sharing.

We're Having Another Baby

Aaron and I are expecting baby number 2! We are so excited and have been waiting to tell everyone. This baby was planned, so we have known for a while now that we were expecting. Finally last week, I went to my first doctors appointment. Its always amazing to hear the baby's heart beat and be able to see the first glimpse. The baby never stopped moving through the whole exam. He/She was moving their arms and legs all over the place almost as if he/she was waving at us. Ashton thought it was pretty cool he could see the baby. On the way home from the doctor he was worried that we left the baby there. I try to explain its in mommy's tummy, but he hasn't quit grasped the concept yet. The other day he told me his tummy hurt because the baby was in there. :) He is always cracking me up. I know he is going to be a great older brother.

I am officially 11 weeks. The doctor says the baby is right on track for its size and development. Everything sounded and looked great. I have been super tired this pregnancy so far, but slowly this week I have been feeling more like myself. Now the first trimester is almost over, I am hoping to have a little more energy, but we will see how it goes. Mom and baby are doing great. Thanks for all the love and support. We are so excited and can't wait to start planning the nursery once we find out what we are having in December. The due date is May 17th. I know another May birthday, but what can I say it's a great month for a birthday.

Pumpkin Time

After we went to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago, Ashton has been obsessed with pumpkins. We have had this huge pumpkin sitting on our table just waiting to be carved. We kept waiting to do it because we knew it wouldn't last long after it was carved. Finally Ashton talked Aaron into carving it. Aaron did all the work and I provided moral support and clean up. We used one of those really cool designs and he did an excellent job. Ashton was so excited to see it all lit up. Unfortunately, we had to throw away the pumpkin today because it died and was moldy. We enjoyed it while it lasted, but we didn't quit make it to Halloween. Oh well, the fun is really in carving the pumpkin anyway. Good Job Aaron! Ashton was happy while it lasted.

Our Trip to California

I can't believe it, but I've already been home for a week and a half since my trip home to California. None the less it was a really fun trip and Ashton had a blast. My sister Trina came down and dropped her kids off for a night and the three of them had so much fun together. My mom bought them new PJ's and because they are so cute I had to take a picture. We pretty much just played the entire time we were there. Even my mom was riding scooters with the kids. Ashton loved feeding the chickens and going for a tractor ride. Papa even let him drive the tractor too! A highlight for me was being able to see my sister sing in a special church choir. It was a fantastic program and I was very proud of her for participating in the show. My mom also finished a fantastic quilt for my grandma while we were there. Last I saw it, it was in a thousands pieces. It was fun to see her finish the final touches. I am hoping to make the same kind of quilt when I am there over Christmas. For pictures of her quilt check out her blog. The trip seemed to go to fast, but it was nice to relax a little and get to visit with many family members. Ashton always cries when we leave and asks when we can go back. We will be back again soon :) Thanks for the great trip everyone.