Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shrimp Primavera Pot Pie

This is one of my new favorite recipes! I do not usually like shrimp, but Aaron loves so it so I thought it would be a nice treat if i made a shrimp dish. I have put this dish on my food calendar, but always seem to skip it. I finally actually looked at the recipe and it said it was 30 minutes for prep and cook time. I LOVE 30 minute meals start to finish so I decided to try it. It was one of the easiest dishes I have ever made and it only uses one pan. The shrimp primavera pot pie was fantastic, even I loved it! I left out the dill weed, because I hate anything that resembles mustard flavor. In my opinion it didn't need it, it was fantastic with out it. After the easiness of this meal, I am on the hunt for 30 minute meals. After a long day or what ever your doing, a simple but fantastic dinner is the key. I hope you all try this recipe and let me know what you think. My only other suggestion is to make sure the bread sticks cook all the way through, so you may need to cook it longer than the recipe calls for.

Side Note: You can mix what ever vegetables you want for this recipe, I used the stir fry mix you can buy at Costco or Sams.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Purple & Brown Tote Bag

So once my cousin called and told me that everyone loved her bag in her office, I wanted to make a bag that would be easy to sell. So I went shopping and found fabric that would be easy to reproduce in several colors and options. I also wanted to make the bag completely reversible because I couldn't decide which fabric I wanted to be on the outside. I came up with one solid print and a floral print, both of which have several color options and combinations. I created 4 pockets, each are lined to match the exterior fabric. Each pocket is the same size and can be found on each side of the bag. I also added a button to help keep the bag closed a little better than before. I have gotten a lot faster and it was something I whipped up during nap time and in between events. If you zoom in the pictures you can see the lining and stitching I used to make the bag a little more unique.
The outside of the bag

The outside Pocket

The Lining of the Outside Pocket

The inside of the Bag

The Lining of the Inside Pocket

Potty Training

So we have had a rather uneventful week because I decided it was time to get Ashton potty trained. We had started doing it when he turned two and he was doing really well. We had the potty chart and treats to entice him go. Then we realized that we were going to move and it felt like we lived in limbo forever. I knew the move would be an adjustment for Ashton so we would go potty on the toilette when he wanted, but I didn't push the issue. Now that we are moved in, settled, and getting into our routines there were no more excuses. The only advantage to waiting this long is that it has been relatively easy. I had him in pull ups for a week and was taking him to the potty every half hour to hour, but I couldn't get him to go poo poo on the toilette. Then I decided to let him run around naked and that seem to do the trick. After a day of that, I switched to real underwear. He had one accident and realized he didn't like the feeling. After that he literally runs to the bathroom when he gets the urge! I still remind him that he needs to go, but we haven't had any accidents and I didn't have to bribe him with a ton of candy to do it. He is even making it through his naps and through the night. I am so proud of him and am so glad I don't have to change his diapers any more. He is such a smart boy and knew he would get it fast as soon as I convinced him it was a good idea. And yes, Ashton has pretty much been running around the house in underwear or naked. He prefers to be naked and I always told him once he is potty trained then he could. Well the day is here and so Ashton is usually naked.