Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween Palooza

Ok, I know it's been Halloween on my blog for two months now, but I couldn't not talk about our fun week. And yes I do mean week of celebrating. I LOVE that we have enough parties around Halloween that my kids get to wear their costumes several times. I do have to say, I think mine were the cutest two kids ever!

Halloween always starts with the decorating of pumpkins. We bought our pumpkins early in the month, but waited till the day before Halloween to carve them. Ashton would ask us everyday when we would carve the pumpkins, needless to say he was so excited when the day finally arrived. He was a huge helper and was so patient waiting for me to cut it out. We let Ashton pick the design for both him and Kaylynn. I carved Ashton's while Aaron carved Kaylynn's. I think they turned out great and Ashton had fun helping and that's all that really matters.

Our first party was at Ashton's preschool. He was so excited to wear his costume to school. Most of the kids dressed up and they even got a bag full of candy. Our next party was the Trunk or Treat held at our church. This year is was our entire stake so their were literally hundreds of cars to trick or treat at. It was fun to walk around and watch Ashton trick or treat. He got so much candy that our plastic pumpkin was actually full.

The next morning (which was actually Halloween) I decided to pack the kids in the car and go to down to my sisters for her Halloween party. Ashton had the next few days off of school and so I thought a quick trip down to San Diego was over due. My sister did a great job and threw a wonderful party. Ashton had so much fun playing with Ryan and Jayne was a fantastic witch. I loved being able to visit and loved that our kids got to celebrate together. Our trip went fast, but it was the perfect way to end our Halloween celebration. We took tons of pictures, but these are just my top picks.