Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

October is one of Ashton's favorite months because this is when there is the pumpkin patch. Not only is there cool pumpkins to look at, but there are huge slides to ride as well. For ten months he has been asking where the pumpkins went. Then in September they started setting up and he was so excited because he knew what was coming. Then finally they opened during the first week of October. I knew we had to go right away as Ashton has been waiting all year for this moment. We decided to take him right after school one day as a surprise. It was the perfect time because no one was there and Ashton got to do the obstacle course and slide over and over again without having to wait in line. After a few times by himself he decided that mommy should come with him and then it was daddy's turn. I realized a short time after that I had totally skinned up my elbow from the slide (now I have a little scare to remind me of the fun we had :)). Since then, Ashton asks me every time we drive by if we can do the pumpkin slide. He is just so darn cute I might just have to give in one more time before its gone for the year.

Aaron and Ashton racing through the course together (Ashton was winning till the end).

Ashton's pouty face because he used up all his tickets and it was time to go.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Kids

I feel like my kids are constantly doing things that make me laugh. Several months ago I was teaching Ashton his full name and how old he is. I said your name is Ashton Mohler and mommies name is Tiffany Mohler and daddy's name is Aaron Mohler. So for weeks he called me Tiffany Mohler instead of mommy and he called Aaron Daddy Mohler. I then tried to teach him his middle name. I said your name is Ashton Aaron Mohler. He looked at me and said ok Ashton Daddy Mohler. I couldn't help but laugh. He still has a hard time understanding that his middle name is daddy's first name.

Another day we were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Ashton was talking back to me and I said don't be sassy and eat your breakfast. He says I'm not sassy I'm Ashton Mohler. Again I couldn't help but smile at him. He is such a good sport and has a pretty funny sense of humor. He is very imaginative and creative. He has given all his cars personalities and has even made some of them mommies and some daddies and some kids. I always hear him talking and each toy has a character. He is fun to watch.

Kaylynn has just been growing so fast. She truly is my angel baby. For the most she goes with the flow. I feel really lucky that she has been sleeping through the night at an early age. Recently she started waking up in the middle of the night because she is teething and it reminds me how lucky I am on the regular nights. I feel like she is doing everything early. She has been smiling and laughing since she was two days old. She started rolling over at four months and now she is a roley poley. She is even scooting a little bit and is able to get all over. We are working on sitting up and she is getting so close.
The other night I had Kaylynn on the floor underneath her canopy of toys. She decided that they weren't as fun as her brother's toy so she was on the move. She followed Ashton all around the family room. She wanted to be right next to him, playing with whatever he had. It was so cute to watch. It was a great chance to teach Ashton how to share. Kaylynn is also learning how to hold her own bottle. I pump a lot so that it's easier to feed her when we are running around. I had her in my lap and was holding her bottle for her. She grabbed it with both of her hands so I positioned them in the right spot. She fed herself the entire bottle without dropping it once. She is so strong and is learning new things every day.
Ashton and Kaylynn are adorable together. They both think the other one is so funny. One night at the dinner table they looked at each other and started laughing. They laughed at each other for twenty minutes straight. The truly love each other and I know that they will have so much fun together the older Kaylynn gets. Ashton has been wanting to hold her a lot lately and actually wants to play with her.
*Doesn't she look precious, truly my little Angel*

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Mom's Creations

My Mom is an amazing seamstress. She can pretty much make anything and everything. She has been sewing up a storm lately and luckily Kaylynn has been reaping the benefits :). She has made a dress, bloomers, shoes, and a quilt for her. Even though we have been using them all over and over again, I finally got a picture of her in all of them together. Everything is so adorable! She did an amazing job and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her and her talents. I had to post lots of pictures because Kaylynn was smiling so cute. I also did close ups of each item. I love them all and so does Kaylynn. Thanks mom for the wonderful goodies, keep 'em coming!