Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrap Booking

This past week I decided it was time to start scrap booking. Like I have said, I'm really not that creative when it comes to this department, so I have avoided at all costs. Since I started blogging, I thought it would be easier to start scrap booking since the pictures and words are already done for me. So I took the leap and became a digital scrap booker. I signed up for Snapfish and uploaded my pictures and finished my first scrapbook. It took me three days to sort and write and edit my 150 page book. It is ordered and on it's way to my house. I can't wait to get it and look through it. It was so simple that I even started my next scrapbook. I have three more to do, plus a book of Ashton's preschool work. I'm well on my way to finishing all my scrap booking before the Kaylynn arrives. No I'm not designing my own pages on Adobe Photoshop, but I'm getting a little better with each one I do. So far I am loving it and am glad I finally got started. Now I can scrapbook once a month and be up to date in no time.

Valentine Decoration

Well, since I spent the weekend making Valentine crafts, it only made sense to decorate my house too. I have always been good about decorating my house for all the Holidays, but since we moved I haven't been doing as well. So it's a new year and I'm starting it off by decorating for Valentines day. Ashton was so excited to get out all the decorations, he helped me in every room. It's not much, but just enough to spread some Valentine love. My new crafts made a wonderful addition to our decorations.

Valentine Craft

This past weekend, my friend Amber invited the girls to her house for a craft day. She had four options of cute Valentine crafts and a light lunch. Of course, I had to do all four crafts because they were so cute. Krystle was nice enough to watch Ashton for me and I know the boys had a blast. I got three of the four crafts done, but wanted to share them anyway. It was so much fun to have a girl day and feel crafty. These are not things I think of on my own, so when someone makes it easy, I'm there. It was also nice to meet new people. Thanks Amber for a wonderful afternoon.

This is the one I haven't finished yet. I copied the picture from her facebook page. I love them all, so cute!