Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Egg Craft

This week I got to sneak out and go to a craft night hosted by my friend Amber. She is so creative and always has the best crafts. Anytime she hosts a craft night, I am there. This time it was an Easter Craft. There were so many choices of color of paper and ribbon and paint that I felt lost. I looked at the examples and then away I went. I didn't finish while I was there so I came home with some sad looking Easter Eggs. The next day I went to Micheals to pick up some extra supplies in order to improve my eggs. I must say I'm pretty happy with the result, especially considering that I'm not this kind of creative. It was super fun to have a girls night and to try something new. Thanks Amber.

Going to the Dentist

So this morning Ashton had his second dentist appointment. Last time we couldn't do the x-rays and he was really nervous, even though he did great. This time he was excited to go. They had talked about brushing there teeth in school this week and for some reason this made him excited to go to the dentist. We walked in and he patiently waited for his turn and then his name was called. Of course the first thing they want to do is the x-ray. He hid behind and me and said no. I showed him the machine and told him it was a big camera that takes pictures. I also said in order to take the really neat pictures he had to sit in a special chair with a special cape. He hopped right up there and smiled. I had to leave the room, but he followed all the instructions of the technician and was really good. The Dentist later told us he took textbook perfect x-rays. This was amazing considering he normally can't sit still for more than 30 seconds. He was an angel for his cleaning and followed all the instructions. Everyone was so impressed and said what a wonderful boy he was. Boy has he grown up in six months. His teeth were very clean with just a little plaque on the back teeth, but no cavities! Wohoo. If we keep this up he will always like going to the dentist. He got a sticker, a treat, a balloon, and toy for being such a good boy (all from the dentist). I was so proud!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the luck of the Irish be with you today and everyday :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ashton's Hair Cut

As anyone can see from our pictures, it has been a really long time since Ashton has had his hair cut. I'm pretty sure it's been since Christmas! Since it was starting to look puffy and become knotted, I knew it was time to give in and get his hair cut. It's not always the easiest task and most people don't do a very good job. So yesterday we were running errands and I decided it was as good of day as any to get it done. To my surprise Ashton was really good and didn't cry at all while getting his hair cut. He really liked the girl and she was really good with him. She also did an awesome job cutting his hair, it's actually even. So now we have found our place and our girl that we will return to when the time comes. He is just so handsome, I had to share his new look.

A Trip to California

In the midst of all our home improvements and adjusting to life back to normal, we decided to take a quick trip to San Diego to see my family before Aaron had to return to work. This was the first trip in which I had no agenda or projects to work on. My mom and I kept feeling like there was something we should be doing, but it was really nice to be able to just relax and visit. Even Ashton kept sneaking out to the sewing room because that is where he is used to seeing us. Now he loves being in there while my mom and I sew, so he was a little bummed we didn't spend any time in there on this trip.

Ashton LOVED playing on my parents new swing set and had a blast playing with Jayne and Ryan the day they came down. The girls snuck off to the fabric store of course while Papa played with the kids. I was out of sewing projects so I found a few new ones to start. Ashton is still obsessed with the chickens down there. Every day him and my dad would gather the eggs and feed the chickens. It was so cute to watch him. In the midst of all my relaxing, I didn't get my camera out at all. I have one picture of Aaron and I (separately) when we went to dinner with my parents and grandparents. It was a wonderful trip and I was glad Aaron was able to see and spend time with everyone. He was greatly missed and everyone is glad he is back home safe. Thanks Mom and Dad for another wonderful trip, we can't wait for our next one coming up soon.

New and Improved Family Room

Since we started home projects, we started looking at furniture pieces we wanted to add to the house. Neither of us like having a TV stand in the family room as the it can be problematic when you have children. Aaron decided he could create a cabinet in the wall from the open space under the stairs. So the next stop was off to Home Depot, Aaron's home away from home. We found a pre-made cabinet just the right size and then bought all the necessary supplies to hide the wires and so forth. All I could really do was help him get the cabinet together, after that it was his area of expertise. He cut the whole in the wall, fit the cabinet in, re-wired the electronics, and got everything hooked back together and working. I will always admit that when it comes to projects like this, I'm extremely impressed with what he can do and how nice it turns out. So no more sharp edged from TV stands, just open space for toys.

Since we were working in here, I was able to hang the pictures I've wanting in this room. We also bought Ashton this little kitchen since he loves to cook. It was the best deal ever, we found it on clearance (75% off) and it came with some food. We bought additional food and pots and pans and he LOVES it. Every time I'm cooking, he;s in his kitchen doing the same thing. The family room has turned into a really nice kids rooms. Everything now has a place, which makes mommy very happy! Aaron did a fantastic job and I'm so appreciative that he knows how to do all these things. It makes improving our home that much more fun. Good Job Aaron.

Painting Downstairs

While Aaron was gone, I started working on lots of different projects around the house. I told him that I wanted to paint the rest of the house before Kaylynn is born because I knew it would be a lot harder to do with two kids running around. Aaron bought some paint supplies while he was gone and had them shipped to the house. I was thinking we would just relax and he could catch up on sleep the first week he was home. Well me saying that I wanted it done before the baby gets here somehow meant it needed to be done right away.

So the first day he was home we were off to the paint store bright and early to pick up our paint. Aaron started rolling the walls while I taped and painted the corners, windows, hall, and trimming. In about 24 hours we painted the living room, dining room, and stairs. I decided to start in these rooms so that we could hang all the new draperies I bought. Our dining room is completely finished. I still have to hang a few paintings in our living room, I'm trying to visualize what it will look like with furniture one day and hang the paintings accordingly. I also bronzed all my frames so that they now match the color scheme of our house. Next we will move on to the up stairs, but that is for another weekend.

**When I get the final paintings hung, I will then post pictures of the rest of the living room. I also included a picture of my new piano music holder. It's so pretty and I am so excited to finally have a place for my books! Thanks honey.

Fire Station

For the past month, Ashton has been learning about "people who help us" in preschool. His teacher has had a police officer and a doctor come talk to them during their class. This past week we went on a field trip to the fire station to meet the fire fighters and paramedics. I was excited for this field trip as I have never been to a fire station before. The tour took about an hour and our guide was really nice and patient with the kids. We were able to see 2 of the 3 trucks they use in an emergency. The kids were able to climb inside and look at all the different compartments. We also watched a video on the different trucks they use and were able to see a fireman with all his gear on. I was proud of the fact Ashton was not afraid of him. He went right up to him and asked him questions. It was a really fun field trip and I know Ashton LOVED it. I learned a lot about the fire fighters and paramedics that I didn't know as well. The cutest part was watching the kids sing to the fire fighters. They had hand motions and you could actually hear all the words they were saying. Thanks Mrs. Moore for the wonderful experience, we had a lot of fun!

Welcome Home Aaron

For the past three and a half months Aaron has been working overseas. Finally on March 7th, Ashton and I went to the airport to pick him up and welcome him home. I will let Aaron write his own post about his travels and share some of the pictures he took. We missed him very much and are very excited to have him home. Ashton is still following him around the house every chance he gets even two weeks later. He missed his daddy and is excited to help him and spend time him. We love you honey, welcome home!