Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Few Notes

We played a really fun game at the shower involving music. My sister had ten songs that all had baby in the name. We had to guess the artist and the title of the song. We had so much fun singing them, they are now my blog songs, plus a couple fun ones I saw while downloading them.

Also sorry my shower posts are out of order, it's not how I officially posted them, but it won't let me change it. Also to see the entire weeks worth of post you have to click on older posts to view the last one. I uploaded so many pictures it will only show the first few posts for the week. Hope you enjoy all the pictures, I know I do! :)

CA Baby Shower Presents

I know as much as you would love to see 100 pictures of me opening every gift, I grouped the gifts together and took pictures of them. Thank you everyone for the wonderful presents, boy is she getting spoiled already! Yes the clothes are on hangers because they are already washed, organized, and put away. Then I decided to take pictures of it all and just left them on the hangers. It was so much fun to open everything and I couldn't believe how adorable all her little outfits are. She is going to be the best dressed baby around. I also want to thank those who thought of Ashton and got him a little something too. He got a book about little sisters and "I'm the big brother" t-shirt. I also included pictures of outfits her Grandma Vicky sent us to our home (the last two pictures). Thank you everyone, I'm pretty sure I am ready for her to come!

To see which gifts my sister handmade check out her Baby Jaynes Blog. A special thank you to my Aunt Melissa who gave me the most beautiful blessing dress I have ever seen. This is a dressed that will be passed down in my family for many generations to come. It is also handmade by a good friend of hers.

CA Baby Shower Decor

My sister, mom, and aunt did such an awesome job on all the food and decorations. A lot of the blankets were from Brooklynn's nursery and my mom and sister made lots of new stuff to add as well. The theme was cute as a cupcake and everything was in purple (of course). I couldn't believe that they even made purple punch! Such a fantastic and wonderful party. Everything was perfect, thank you so much for such a wonderful shower!

Fun in San Diego

This past weekend, we made a trip to San Diego to have a baby shower for myself and Kaylynn with my family. Of course we were there for several days of playing. It was a beautiful hot day and I told Ashton he could run through the sprinklers. I stripped him down to his underwear and let him run around the yard. The next minute I look over and he took off his underwear and now running around butt naked in the yard. We just laughed and let him run around for while. He had so much fun jumping over the sprinkler and splashing in the puddles. It was fun to watch.

Ashton is also a wonderful helper in the kitchen. My mom had lots of desserts to make for the shower and Ashton was by her side every minuted. Of course he already knows that if you help, then you get to lick the bowl and spoons. I wonder where he learned that from :). I had fun sewing in between things, although none of those are ready to share just yet. These are just a couple fun pictures that had nothing to do with the baby shower, but wanted to post anyway.

CA Baby Shower Friends & Family

This past weekend my family threw a baby shower for Kaylynn and I. My mom, sister, and aunt Sharla hosted the part at Sharla's house. I had so many pictures that it was hard to decided how to organize them. I decided to make three separate posts of the event. One of pictures of friends and family, one of presents, and one of the decorations. It was a wonderful baby shower and I had a blast. Everything was perfect and I couldn't have asked for more. I tried to include pictures of everyone, but seeing as I wasn't the camera person some may have been missed. One of these days we will learn to do a big group photo at the beginning of the shower. Thank you to everyone who came and especially to Trina, my mom, Sharla, and all those who helped make it such a wonderful and memorable experience. It's really nice being able to see everyone in one weekend and I loved having a girls afternoon! Love you all and thank you for a great weekend.