Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Fourth Anniversary

This weekend, Aaron and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Each year, I say I can't believe another year has past. It truly seems as though time has been flying by. Since we are still pretty new in town, we have not established a babysitter for Ashton. So, lucky for us, he came on our date :). We went to Aaron's favorite crab place, the Sante Fe Station Casino Buffet. It has all sorts of amazing food. Aaron bought me roses and chocolates and I bought him a new shirt. I thought he looked very handsome in it. We had a lot of fun and it was nice just to have a quiet evening together. Aaron has been working so much lately that it's been hard to spend quality time together. We have been through so much in the past four years and have accomplished a lot. I look forward to the next adventure and the many more wonderful moments we will share in the years to come.

Working in the Back Yard

As most of you know, our back yard was not landscaped when we bought our house. For months we have been staring at a rocky mess just waiting for the opportunity to landscape. We decided we couldn't do anything until we poured the concrete patio. We called around to see how much concrete was and thought maybe Aaron and I could do it ourselves. Aaron's grandpa was a mason and Aaron had helped him many years ago. After looking at the cost of tools and realizing how much work it would be, we decided to call around for bids. Aaron found a great company that is coming out to pour our Patio on Monday.

We had a mini slab in the backyard that the builder had put in. We had to tear it out before they come to pour. Of course, Ashton wanted to help his daddy every step of the way. So we had him wear safety glasses and they worked on it together. Once we receive our tax credit for buying a house, we will be able to finish the rest of the yard. It's a work in progress, but at least we got the patio started. I've already picked out the patio furniture I want to buy, once the concrete is dry of course. More pictures to come as we complete each little project.

Hiking in the Rain

Aaron has been on a unique work schedule lately, which has allowed us to do fun things during the week. Last week, we were having awesome thunderstorms and rain in the mountains every night. We decided it would be fun to drive up to Mt. Charleston and go hiking since it was nice and cool. We bundled up the kids (we had Kendra with us because it was during the week) and decided just to do a short hike around the base of the mountain. When we got there, it was a little stormy looking, but still lots of sunshine. We hiked about a mile in and watched the clouds circling over head. We decided it would be a good idea to head back because we could see the storm blowing in. We got most the way down the hill when we heard the thunder start rolling, then the lightening came and it started to rain. We quickened our step from a walk to a trot, each with a child in hand. The second we jumped into the car it started to down pour. Both the kids laughed the whole way down the mountain. Aaron was carrying Kendra by this point and I was carrying Ashton, I think Aaron got the better deal :). It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it! I love the pictures we take up there, so forgive me that there are a lot.

We also went hiking in Red Rock Canyon with some friends and their kids. It was so much fun, we packed a dinner and then hiked around the cliffs. It reminded me a lot of St. George because most of the rocks are red and it's beautiful. My friend took a ton of pictures, which I will post as soon as she gets back from vacation. For now here is Mt. Charleston pictures.

Birthday Parties

I know it's been two weeks since my last post, so we have lots to catch up on. Two weeks ago, we celebrated Luke's 2ND birthday. He had two parties; a swim party on the weekend at Krystal's friends house and at Chucky Cheese the day of his actual birthday. Of course we went to both parties and we had a blast. The boys swam through out the entire party, it was so nice to sit back and watch them have fun together.

Ashton LOVES Chucky Cheese even though he can't really play most of the games. The important thing is he tries to play them. He wouldn't look at me during a single picture, but here are some fun action shots. We also climbed into one of the booths that sketched your picture. I thought it was pretty awesome for one token.