Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grandma Rita's 90th Birthday

During the Thanksgiving break, we celebrated Grandma Rita's 90th birthday. We all gathered at Bruno's for dinner and dessert. We played how well do you know grandma game. It was fun to find out fun facts about her life. I think I got a little more than half right. It was really nice getting togehter with the Seymour family. I was glad that we could be there to celebrate Grandma's special day. I think she looks great for 90! We love you Grandma Rita!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kaylynn's First Feeding

I know that I am really behind because Kaylynn has grown and is doing so much now. But I need to get caught up so here we go. Right around 5 1/2 months, Kaylynn started nursing all the time. I couldn't keep up with her with nursing alone and she was always reaching for my food on my plate. I knew it was time to start feeding her solids. So I was off to the store for some baby oatmeal. I had started giving her the puffs (that ones that literally melt in their mouths) so she could learn to chew and keep the food in her mouth. This must of helped because when I gave her the oatmeal, it was the cleanest first feeding I have ever seen. I also read that they did better if you used your finger as a spoon for the first week and I totally agree. She was so excited to eat food, she is now my awesome little eater. She eats and loves everything I give her. I hope she always stays that way.

Feeding her solids was exciting and frustrating all at the same time. When I started her on solids, she started spitting up and stopped sleeping through the night. I tried everything I could think of to help her. Finally I called the doctor and took her in. Four appointments later, we found out that Kaylynn actually had acid reflux and slight delayed gastric emptying. The doctor said that she was not symptomatic until I feed her the solid food. Kaylynn did not spit up at all the first 6 months, so I consider myself blessed that it only started then. Now two months later, she is barely spitting at all, maybe once every few days if that. As for the sleeping, well it's a work in progress now that we got her tummy fixed. Last night she slept from 8pm-5am so we are well on our way to sleeping through the night every night again :). She is such a happy baby and hasn't let acid reflux change that a bit. She is still my little angel and she is growing so quick.

Just a couple pictures of her before and after, not that you can really see a difference. I also did a short video clip. Enjoy!