Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ashton's First Gun

Recently Ashton and Aaron have been wanting to go shooting every weekend. Since Ashton is only 3, I'm a little apprehensive about him learning to shoot so young. Plus when your 9 months pregnant, going out to the middle of the hot desert to stand around doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun (even though I love shooting). Needless to say, the boys haven't gone, but continue to ask me each weekend. Well Aaron and I decided on a compromise and we bought Ashton his first BB Gun. It's small, relatively harmless, and they can shoot in the back yard. Ashton was so excited! Aaron got some sand bags and set up a little shooting area for them. Ashton had his first shooting lesson with Aaron today and tank was never to far behind them. It was a good compromise and I am comfortable with Ashton learning basic safety with a BB Gun as opposed to a real gun. It was so cute to watch the two of them spend time together. Ashton loved and can't wait to do it again.

On a side note, Aaron has joked about making Tank his bird dog when he goes hunting. The other day they were out walking and a couple pigeons came down from the roof and were in the front yard. Tank saw the birds and got excited. Aaron told him to sit and then took off the leash. He told him to sneak and Tank quietly and slowly tip toed up towards the birds, then Aaron said get it and Tank caught a pigeon in mid flight! I can't believe he was able to sneak up on them and then catch one. Aaron took the pigeon right away, and yes it was dead. This made Aaron so excited, who knew we had a good hunting dog. Seeing as how he has learned how to open our screen door, nothing Tank does surprises me anymore. He is such a smart dog and really has become a part of the family.

Sewing Projects

So this past week I have actually been able to get some sewing done. For Vicky's Birthday and Mother's Day present I decided to make her some table center pieces for her house (first two pictures). Once I finished them, back in like March, I LOVED them so much that I just had to make some for myself as well. I was only able to make the sunflower table runner so far, but I love it and love having it on my table. I extended mine to be a full table runner instead of one square.

I also got back my king quilt and was able to finish the binding on that. Who knew that you still had to do some sewing by hand. It took me about four days to hand sew the binding on the quilt. It took a couple hours each side, so I just squeezed it in when I could. Since I have my new beautiful quilt, I had to make some coordinating pillow cases. These are the first pillow cases I have made by myself. I still have to make the pillow shams, so you won't see a complete picture of my bed set yet. These are just pictures of the past few things I have completed. I have really enjoyed learning new techniques and improving my skills. I love sewing and want to learn how to make clothes. It's part of the fun of having a little girl, now I can learn how to make dresses, skirts, and shirts. I can't wait!

*PS I should finish my shams this next week and then I can finally post my entire bed set :)

Ashton - Growing Up

I know I constantly say this, but I can't believe how much Ashton is growing up lately. Other than the fact he looks like a little man, he acts like a little man too. I took him to get his hair cut this week and it was the first time he would sit in the chair all by himself. He hopped right in the chair, let the stylist put on the cape, and didn't scream or yell or cry a bit. He just sat there perfectly still eating his sucker while she cut his hair. This made me ecstatic as I hate being covered in hair just so he could sit on my lap.

This week, Ashton noticed that he had some freckles on his arm. He asked me what they were and I said they are called freckles, they are special angel kisses. He looked at me and said oh I have sprinkles. Now he points out my freckles and says, mommy has lots of sprinkles too!

Another mile stone this week was Ashton finally learning to ride his bike all by himself. Our back patio isn't quit big enough for him to ride bikes and he hasn't shown much interest in it till now. I took him to the park this week with his bike so he had room to really practice riding. He is now able to start and stop by himself, steer and maneuver around all sorts of obstacles. He is figuring out that he can go fast and slow and is loving every minute of it. Yes he still has training wheels, but this is a huge first step in learning to ride a bike. I am so proud of him and it's fun to watch him ride around. If we keep working on it everyday, I just might get his training wheels off sooner than later. At the bottom is a little video clip of him riding his bike. I think it's so cute he wears a helmet. He knows he can't ride without it, so it was a good first lesson in safety. I know riding his bike will now be one of his favorite things to do, I just might have to get one myself so I can keep up :)!