Monday, May 17, 2010

Kaylynn Lee Mohler

Well she has finally arrived!

Kaylynn Lee Mohler was born May 13th at 12:36 pm. She weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 22 inches long.

I checked into the hospital at 4 am, signed my paperwork, and crawled into bed. I received my pitocin at 5 and they broke my water at 7. From the time I started contractions until she was born, it was only 4 hours. When the doctor walked in he looked and said oh there is her head. I was trying to wait knowing that my mom was only 5 minutes away. He said we couldn't wait because she was coming on her own. I pushed and 6 minutes later she was born! I couldn't believe how fast it went. I thought Ashton's birth was easy peasy and she was even easier. Dr. Swainston was wonderful and had us laughing the entire time, he even wore metal teeth that said push. Mommy didn't have any tearing and no stitches which means I have felt great since coming home from the hospital.

Kaylynn was beautiful and perfect. I couldn't believe how big she was and she was four days early. I never thought I would have a baby bigger than 8 pounds. She had beautiful black hair and pretty blue eyes. All her tests came back perfect and she has been an angel baby. Last night she even slept 6 hours in a row. Once we brought her home from the hospital, she started smiling at us. On day two she even laughed. She has the cutest giggle that I have now heard 4 times. I never knew a baby could laugh and smile so young. She just loves being around everyone and has been a wonderful baby. Ashton loves his little sister and is doing really well with her. He loves giving her kisses and crawling up with mommy and sister to watch a movie. I feel so blessed and have really enjoyed my experience. Thank you thank you mom and grandmommy for making it such a wonderful weekend and taking such good care of us. Aaron has been so supportive and even helps me at night time and has been great with Ashton. We are so blessed, we love our new little girl!
She had her first doctors appointment today and she did great. The doctor couldn't believe how long she was and her weight. He said he was surprised because she looks thin and not chubby. She didn't make a peep while he looked her over, she just looked at him. He said everything looked wonderful. We knew she was perfect and the doctor agreed. She didn't like the car seat much, but I don't blame her. She did pretty good for her first outing.
I know you mostly want pictures so here is the first batch. I even caught her smiling, it's so cute!