Monday, June 7, 2010

My Precious Babies

I know I have just been terrible about updating my blog, but I think the kids and I are finally getting our groove down. My little ones are just so cute and I love taking pictures of them. Ashton truly adores his sister and really likes to hep me take care of her. Now I did not pose my kids for these pictures, these are just the cute things that they do. I love my two little babies (even though one is not so little any more) and I love how much they love each other. Kaylynn already knows her brother and smiles at him every time she sees him. They are just so cute. These are just some random pictures I have taken of the kids here and there. The first one cracks me up because this is how Kaylynn sleeps everyday. She doesn't like her arms to be in the blankets and she loves stretching out. I thought it was funny so I took a picture of it. Enjoy!

Fun in the Sun

So I know I have been terrible about updating lately, would you guess that I have my hands full and any free moment I have I'm resting? :) Well we have actually had a really busy month and have been having a lot of fun. Kaylynn is a trooper and just goes along for the ride. I have so many pictures to share, I just love taking them of the kids and it helps me remember what we've been up too. As many moms know you tend to forget things easily once you have kids.
One fun activity was going swimming. Ashton and Aaron swam like crazy and Kaylynn and I got to relax under the cabana. Ashton was doing awesome with his kick board, Aaron has been doing a great job teaching the little steps to learn to swim. It was nice to relax, spend some time as a family, and get some sun.
Ashton's friend Gavin also had his birthday in the past few weeks. We all meet at Chucky Cheese to celebrate his third birthday. It was a lot of fun to see so many people. I actually got to visit with people while Aaron ran around playing games with Ashton. I'm pretty sure all the dads had just as much fun as kids playing the games. It was a really fun night and Ashton loved seeing all his friends. Of course I could never did get the kids together in one spot long enough to get a picture, so I just took a few of Ashton.
Another day I took the kids to the park to play in the water. Kaylynn took an awesome nap in her car seat and Ashton had a blast playing. It was our lucky day because I church group was there and had free hot dogs and snow cones and a free bounce house for the kids to play in. They loved jumping and eating all the goodies. It was a hot day so playing in the water and jumping in the shade of the bounce house was a perfect morning play date. It was really fun and then we all came home and took a long nap. Although two is more work than one, I think we are finally figuring out how to go out and have fun.

A Birthday Suprise

May is month that is full of birthdays, one of which is my Mom's. After a week of being home, Aaron went back to work and I realized I wasn't going to get any rest at home by myself with two kids. I was talking to my sister on Monday morning and she was telling me her plans to go down and visit my mom for her birthday and what they were going to do. I got this crazy idea that I should go down and surprise my mom for her birthday. So I loaded my poor kids into the car at 4 in the morning on Tuesday (her birthday) and headed to San Diego. Kaylynn was only 12 days old and she slept the whole way there. We arrived around 8:30 in the morning and we had just missed my mom who left to go to yoga. So we hid at Grandmommy's house till she got home. She was shocked to see us, which made it all the more fun. We stayed for the rest of the week and I don't think Kaylynn was ever laid down, except at night to sleep. I got the much needed help I needed in order to rest and let myself re-cooperate. Ashton had so much fun he didn't even want to come home. How do you compete with lots of land to run on, chickens, tons of family to entertain you, a trampoline, and a giant ball you can climb in and roll around. I was glad he had fun and it was good for him to get so much attention as well.
It was wonderful getting to see half the family, I apologize to those we didn't see. We will be back soon to see everyone I promise. For now, here are some fun pictures from our trip. Kaylynn even went on her first girls night out. My mom, Taryn, Kaylynn, and I went to see Letters to Juliet. It was such a fun night and Kaylynn was an angel of course, she slept through the whole movie. Ashton had fun with papa at home enjoying his own boys night. Thanks everyone for a wonderful trip, we will be seeing soon!

Ashton's Preschool Graduation

Well despite the fact I just had a baby, it somehow has not slown us down at all. Before she was even a week old, Kaylynn and I attended Ashton's first preschool graduation. Mrs. Moore decorated her house and each of the kids had a graduation cap and notebook filled with all the things they learned. Each child was given a certificate with a super hero name. Ashton was the Cleaning super hero. He was her biggest helper when it came to clean up time. Ashton didn't even like finger painting because it got his hands dirty, what a funny boy. She talked about their class and the boys (and Audrey) all looked so cute. Ashton had a wonderful experience and loved his class. We are sad that the year has already come to end, but am thankful for such a wonderful teacher who taught him so much. I can only hope next year will be as good as last. Thanks Mrs. Moore for a wonderful year and a fantastic graduation party!