Thursday, August 11, 2011

Professional Pictures

Well I believe that I have the cutest kids in the world! I like to get pictures of the kids once a year on their birthday, but since my kids birthdays are exactly 6 months apart, they get their pictures done every six months now. If I'm getting one dressed up, I might as well get them both dressed up. These pictures were Kaylynns first birthday. She was so stinking cute! Ashton always poses perfectly, my kids have got it down. Unless you have been to our house lately, you probably haven't seen these. Taking professional pictures can be stressful, but it makes it easy when your kids act like pros. I'm thinking I need to learn how to do these pictures myself, since I'm the one getting them to smile in the first place :). I am thankful for such beautiful and photogenic children.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylynn!

Well I can't believe my baby girl turned 1! Where has the time gone. Kaylynn's birthday was so much fun because she was so excited about everything. We got up and had one of her favorite breakfasts which is waffles. Although every food is her favorite, so we just picked a fun one. We were also lucky enough to have Grandma Vicky in town to celebrate with us.

Kaylynn's first present was from Grandma (my mom) which was a baby doll. She instantly hugged it and put in her stroller (from Auntie Trina) and started pushing her around. It was so cute!

It was a fun day of decorating and baking. Since Grandma Vicky was here, the kids just wanted to play with her. That was great for me so I could get everything else done. Krystle and Luke joined us for Dinner and presents. This process took a really long time because Kaylynn would actually play with each toy. She wasn't as crazy about the clothes, but I'm sure that will change soon enough. To her, it was just fun to pull something out of a bag. She would daintily pull off the wrapping paper and would be so excited to see what was in side. Of all the presents she got, I think the kids had the most fun with a cardboard box! If your a parent, you know this almost always seems to be the case with young children :). You can buy the most expensive toys and they are in love with a 45 cent box! We were so happy to have Grandma Vicky with us, especially since it was Papa Mohlers birthday too! Happy Birthday Dad, sorry we missed it and snagged Mom! And we are so thankful for all the wonderful presents everyone sent! Thank you for being a part of her special day, near or far :)!

I don't know where the time has gone and can't believe it has been one year. Kaylynn has grown and changed so much. She is beautiful, loving, happy, and blessing in our lives. For the update on how she is growing, see the previous post about Kaylynn :).

*There is an adorable video of her trying her first cupcake. It was to long to upload, but ask and we would love to share. SO CUTE!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Funny Kids

Sometime, I think I have the funniest kids. They are always doing things that crack me up. For like a month, Kaylynn would always have one leg up in her high chair to eat. It's like she is just kicking back relaxing, doing her favorite thing - eating! I love that Ashton wears his Christmas pajamas all year long without a care in the world. They are both growing so fast. Kaylynn is scooting down the stairs foreword and is trying to walk up and down them by holding onto the rail. At least she is holding on! Ashton is so smart and he loves doing puzzles. He still loves school and asks me everyday when he can go back. He speech has really improved and you can have lengthy conversations about things. He is very imaginative and can tell very involved stories. Sometimes I wonder where they come up with the stories they tell. Ashton and Kaylynn love playing with each other and even wrestling! They are constantly tickling each other and laughing. As with any fun sometimes we have accidents :) It has been a work in progress, good thing both my kids are tough and strong. They are so fun, even though they are a total handful. I love them both and they truly are my special babies.