Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July - Friday

What a packed weekend we had! Aaron was lucky enough to have Friday off of work so we decided to hop in the car and head to California. This was our first trip home since we have moved to Vegas. We have only been gone a little over three months, but it has felt a lot longer than that. It was so fun to see everyone and be able to spend the fourth of July with our family. On Friday night we were able to go out to dinner with my parents. Since we were all dressed up we had to take some family pictures!

Ashton wanted to go for walk before we loaded back into the car (the last place he wanted to be) so he climbed in the stroller and I pushed him around. Who said you can't walk in heels looking fabulous :) Hey it's a great work out for the legs and tush.

Fourth of July Day

So the Fourth of July is not only the celebration of our Countries Independence, it is also my uncle Sheldon's Birthday. Every year Grandmommy throws a hug BBQ and Pool Party to celebrate. We swim all day only taking breaks to eat and to enjoy her fantastic home made ice cream.

Ashton loves being in the water! I did mommy and me swim classes last year and he really believed he could swim all by himself. Last year we didn't want to put him in floaties because we wanted him to know he couldn't do it by himself. This year we decided to put him in his life vest (it was also good practice for our lake trip coming up). Of course he was reluctant, but once he realized he could swim all over the pool with out us, he loved it. It actually really helped his form and learning to use his arms and legs. I took some video footage because he is just adorable and we were so proud of how hard he was working.

I have lots of pictures I want to share so bear with the length of this posting.

Here is Aaron, Ashton and I (at this point in the day Ashton was getting pretty tired).

My Mom and Dad and Me

My Mom and I (Can you guess who I look like?)

Tressah and I at the firework show.

Ashton and Me at the Firework Show.

Our little family at the fireworks (Picture courtesy of Jaclyn, thank you so much!).

More Fun Pictures

Like I said, I have tons of pictures to share. Here are just a few more pictures from the rest of the weekend. I finally got to wear my dress I made, so of course I had to take a picture of it. I also had to include a picture of my cousin Dallin because he is just so cute! He was always smiling and such a sweet baby.

Sewing Projects for the week

It wouldn't be a blog week without updating the projects I have been working on. Before I left for California, my cousin Krystal asked me to make her a tote bag. I of course said yes! I can use all the practice on my machine I can get and its one of the only things I know how to make right now :). It really turned out cute. I had used a synthetic silk for the lining instead of canvas and that was a learning experience all by itself. I didn't have an over lock machine and the material frayed really bad so I had to double stitch everything. It was definitely a good lesson about other kinds of materials. None the less it turned out great!

My second project was making a baby quilt for my friend Krystal who just had a baby girl. I called my mom and asked her what to make and she suggested a rag quilt. So I went to the store and picked out pink and purple fabric and cut out all the pieces before driving to California. Once I got down there, my mom told me how to sew the quilt together. She kept me company while I sewed. This is the opposite of what I am used too. Usually I am keeping her company while she is sewing, it was nice being the other way around. The blanket turned out beautiful, I am going to have to buy more fabric and make one for myself. I realize I didn't take a picture of the back, but I alternated pink and purple stripes to tie in with the front.

Coming Home - The Park

On our way home from California this morning, I was thinking of how I could possibly wear out Ashton before bed. When you spend half the day in the car, it's usually pretty hard to get them to sleep later. I called my friend Becca to see if she wanted to meet me at the park with her two kids. The park we go to has a giant play area with at least ten different slides and a huge water play area. Ashton has always been afraid of playing in the water, which is odd because he loves to swim. Well tonight he conquered his fear and was soaking wet after playing in the water for so long. After playing in the water, I of course had to strip him down naked to get him dry. He ran to the car like a naked superman with only a cape. I took captured some of his play on video, right before I got the camera out he was literally running in circles. Here he is kind of just standing in the water, but none the less it was huge progress!

The little girl is Ashton's friend Brynlee. They are the same age and in nursery together. They have a lot of fun together.