Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ashton's First Sleep Over

This past weekend I babysat Luke so Krystle and Dan could go out on a date. Neither of the boys had a nap that day so I put Ashton to bed before Luke arrived and Krystle put Luke to bed right when he got here. Could my babysitting job get any easier, both boys asleep by 7 and I had the whole evening to myself. Ashton got up early so he crawled in bed with me to watch cartoons. An hour later we hear Luke calling us and saying he's awake. Ashton was so excited that Luke was there he went running down the hall. The boys went right to Ashton's room and played perfectly together for over an hour. Anyone with kids at the age of 2 and 3 knows that this is sometimes a miracle. Then we went downstairs to make french toast for breakfast. They had so much fun playing that morning, it made up for not being able to play the night before. It was a very successful first sleep over, something I'm sure will happen lots more.

26 Week Check Up

This week I had my 26 week check up. Mom and baby are doing great and are right on track. Even though I can feel her moving around daily, I always love hearing her heart beat. It was fast, steady, and strong. Ashton really enjoys going to my appointments because they have toys and candy. He also like to hear the heartbeat and on occasion see the baby. I gained 7 pounds unfortunately, but I'm right on track. Everyone says my tummy looks so tiny, but it doesn't to me :). I am starting to get spider veins on the back of my right knee, which is frustrating to me. But, if that's the only thing wrong, then I am lucky. This has been a smooth pregnancy and I am so thankful for that. Lets hope and pray it stays that way.

Ashton's First Talk

This past Sunday Ashton was assigned to give his first talk. He was asked to recite the second article of faith. We practiced all week as it had some really big words in it. I was worried he would get shy and not say it so we would say it every where we went. Sunday finally rolled around and it was time for him to speak. He stood at the pulpit looked at everyone and said his part perfect. I had to tell him what to say, but he said every word. He spoke quietly and said the whole thing and wanted to do it again after he was done. I was so proud of him and he was so cute. He even memorized part of it because we said it so many times. He is such a smart boy. Way to go Ashton!

Crafts and Sewing

Well, I finally got the rest of my supplies and finished my fourth Valentine craft. It turned out so cute! I like were I hung it so much that I think I need a wall hanging for every holiday now. I had so much fun with these crafts, that I'm definitely going to start doing some for each holiday.
I also finished a few sewing projects this week. I finished sewing all the blocks and sashing together on my king size quilt. It looks so beautiful, I am so excited that I'm so close to being done. All I need to do is add the border and its off to the quilters to have the stippling done.
For Christmas my mom gave me a new purse/diaper bag and made an adorable little pouch to hold baby powder and antibacterial hand soap. It was so cute that I went and bought the same fabric so I could make a laptop cover that would match. I got the laptop cover finished and had just enough fabric left to make a diaper and wipes holder. I now have little pouches to organize and hold everything I need. I still need to add bows and Velcro, but here is how they turned out. It was fun to take a break from my quilt and sew something different. I love it, my purse is so cute and organized.

Kendra's 1st Birthday Party

This past weekend, we went over to Melissa and Derek's to celebrate Kendra's first birthday. She was all dressed up in an adorable dress and party hat! There were so many people and twice as many presents. Girls are so much fun to buy for, it's easy to get carried away. It was nice visiting with many people I haven't seen in a long time. Ashton loved playing with all the baby toys and thought it was hilarious running through the crowd of people. Kendra was so cute eating her first cake, although I don't think she liked it much. Ashton's favorite part was opening the presents, of course. Thank heavens Kendra was nice enough to let him help. It was a wonderful party and we were glad that we could be apart of it.