Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cute Kids!

Since we have been working on house stuff for the past few days, I haven't really been taking Ashton and Kendra out to do anything fun. Nonetheless, the two of them have been troopers and been very good this week. We went to Joann's to look at fabric and they were laughing through the whole store, so of course I had to take a picture of them being good! Then on a different day, we headed to star nursery to start getting some ideas for the back yard and Ashton was being such a great helper. He fed Kendra her bottle and then wanted to pull her around the whole store. For anyone who has gone to Star Nursery, you know there are little red wagons instead of shopping carts. We put both of them in a wagon to start and then Ashton wanted to walk. He pulled her around that store for an hour doing laps around the plants. Sometimes they just crack me up, so I wanted to share my cute pictures of the two of them. We also started feeding Kendra rice cereal this week, so I included a picture of my first feeding with her. I had forgotten how much of a mess it is when they are first learning to eat. She basically spit the food at me, but she was smiling the whole time liked she liked it. She was much cleaner than Ashton, but we'll see once we switch to veggies. I included a picture of Ashton's first try at rice cereal too.

Painting the Kitchen

Ever since we moved in, we have been talking about painting the house. This is a project that will take a very long time. I decided it might add some flare to our new home if we just painted the kitchen. I placed sample colors on my walls for three days before deciding on the perfect color. Who would have guessed it was the same color scheme my mom used on all her custom homes? Great minds think a like and the color is fantastic. Aaron and I painted the house over the weekend and have been touching up spots over the past few days. We ended up having to paint the ceiling as well because we notice there was a smoke stain around the edge of the room from the previous owners. Of course we couldn't leave it, so we repainted the ceiling too. You put two perfectionists on a project and a one day job turns into a three day job. It was a lot of work, but the results are fantastic and we love it. I am going to add drapes on the windows, but I still have to make them. You will see my temporary drape hanging in one of the windows. I like to sample for a few days before I commit, but so far I love them. Now I just need to make them. I am also adding a vinyl quote to the wall. It will say:

"A pinch of patience...a dash of kindness... a spoonful of laughter and a heap of love"

I'm not sure which area I will put it in, but I will post a picture as soon as I finish the last two touches.

Our New Patio

Well, we finally went from planning the patio to pouring the patio! We had Simple Creations in Concrete come and pour our patio for us and they did a fantastic job! We had them pour an 11X30 foot patio and they stamped the top to give it a nice texture. I'm hoping when my dad comes up that he can add a little color to it. As soon as I let Ashton walk on it, he ran in circles on top of it for about 30 minutes. I know finishing the backyard is going to be a huge help in releasing all his energy. He loved watching the guys work asking what they were doing every 20 minutes. When they were carrying the concrete from the front to the back, he sat on the patio yelling at them that they were making a mess. At first he just had his feet dangling off the edge and then his whole body was only hanging onto to the railing. He is a funny kid. We are so excited to have the patio completed. Now we can buy our lounge furniture and enjoy the spectacular dessert sunsets. Since the patio is done, Aaron got right to work pouring in rocks and creating an edge. He has only done one side, but it's all we had the materials for. The rest may have to wait just a little longer. Step 1 complete, many more to come.