Friday, March 4, 2011


Ok it is way beyond time to get caught up. This year has already been filled with so many fun things that its time to get them posted. In the next few weeks I will be getting caught up so I can get back to my weekly blogging.

My last post for 2010 is of course Christmas. Everyone knows this is my favorite holiday of the year. This is because there are so many parties and its the one time of year I get to see the most family. Our festivities began with our church's breakfast with Santa. Aaron was gone on a business trip, so the kids and I decided to go get some pancakes and see Santa Clause. I had been talking to Ashton about Santa and was curious to see how he would react when he saw him. The food was yummy and then it was time to meet Santa. Ashton got in the back of the line and kept scooting back till her was practically last. Finally he went up and sat on his lap. He didn't say much, but at least he didn't freak out when he saw him. Next year we will have to go see the Santa at the mall.
The next day after the ward party, we had our ward Christmas Program. Our program was entirely musically and this year I was able to participate. I sang in two small groups (one of which I organized) as well as sang in the choir. It was so much fun to sing again. It was a fantastic program and a great way to remind us why we celebrate Christmas.
Our next celebration was exchanging presents with Luke, Ashton, and Kaylynn. The kids all loved their toys and it was fun to watch them play with each one. The boys wanted Kaylynns' toys and Kaylynn wanted theirs. It was fun to visit with Dan and Krystle and to watch the kids play. After this it was straight to San Diego to spend Christmas with my family. This is a multiple day event as well. Trina and the kids came down to play before the Seymour Christmas party. My mom bought ginger bread kits for all the kids and they thought that was really cool.
Then we had our two dinner parties, one with the Seymour family and annual Christmas Eve dinner. I love seeing everyone, visiting, and catching up. Present exchanging is just a perk of the season. One of our favorite parts is the nativity play that the kids put on. Kaylynn was the cutest baby Jesus ever! She was really good, just sat there smiling at everyone trying to figure out how to crawl out of the cradle.
Then came Christmas day. I love watching everyone open presents. The kids were so fun to watch. Kaylynn could really care less about presents and just wanted to eat all the wrapping paper! Although she did love her toys. Ashton had so much fun opening everything and playing. My children didn't need any more toys, but they LOVED getting new ones. I had a very wonderful Christmas as I got the Silhouette Machine. Now I can finally do my own Vinyl. I have had so much fun with it! Thank you Aaron for getting me exactly what I wanted. I got lots of wonderful presents and am thankful to our all families for a wonderful Christmas, even the ones we weren't able to spend it with. Its a wonderful time of year full of love and giving and that is why its my favorite time of year.