Sunday, January 24, 2010


Back in October my Relief Society group had a super Saturday craft activity. I was out of town that weekend, but still bought the supplies so that I could do that crafts at home. Well it has been several months and I have been moving these supplies around knowing that eventually I would get to it. I decided today was the day to finally get them done. Luckily I still had a picture of what they should look like so that I would know what to do. Now that they are done, I am so excited to have them. They are wonderful little decorative additions to our home. Next time I won't wait three months to complete it, but as you know its been a busy few months!

Project Weekend

This past weekend my Mom, Dad, and Taryn came up to visit. They came to help me decorate and paint both the kids bedroom. My dad painted both of their rooms while my mom and I worked on the rest. This was a huge project and I am so excited that it is done (for the most part). We painted Kaylynn's room a light lavender color and then placed scattered white daisies around the room. My mom made curtains to match all of her bedding that we made. She also made the changing table pad and the lamp shade. Her room turned out so adorable, I absolutely LOVE it! The lightening isn't great in the pictures, I will have to take another group of pictures with different lighting, so that just means that you need to come and see it for yourself! :)

For Ashton's room, I tried to incorporate all the things he loves. So, I decided to paint the walls green and blue and I found a truck and tractor wall paper border to tie in the two colors. I also bought Ashton new furniture to go with his new room. While putting the furniture together, we found that it had been damaged during shipping. So I am waiting for replacement parts in order to finish his dresser. I will include one picture of his bed to shoe the paint and wall paper. As soon as I get the missing pieces, I can post pictures of the rest of his room. His room also turned out perfect and I LOVE it! Their rooms are now my favorite rooms in the house.

I have to thank my parents for all their help this weekend. I could not have done this project without them! Thank you so much for coming, helping, and spending time with us. We always love having you here and appreciate all the help you gave.

Fun week with Ashton

As anyone living on the west coast knows, we have had a stormy week! It was cold, windy, and raining most of the week. This means no park or outside play, which means I had to be extra creative to keep Ashton entertained. Even though we do a lot of playing every week, sometimes its just fun to remember the fun week we had.

Monday was a holiday so I decided it would be fun to go to the movies. Ashton and I saw the Princess and the Frog and we loved it. He sat through the whole movie and really liked the frogs. When the movie was over he said "more frogs mom, see it again." I think we will have to buy it when it comes out. We had a lot of fun and Ashton was the perfect little date.

The next day Krystle called and asked us to meet her, Luke, and Dan at Chucky Cheese. Of course we said yes! Ashton can actually play a lot of the games so he loves going there. It was fun to see the boys running around like crazy just laughing and having fun.

Then we had a stay at home day. I wanted to get some sewing done so we played some games and hung out at home. I am pretty sure that every single toy and game we owned was out and played with during the course of the day. Sometimes it is just nice to be home, all warm and comfortable and enjoy the rain.

The next two days we had play dates with several of our friends. Ashton looks forward to these days, as do I. I get to have adult conversation and Ashton gets to work out his giggles and energy. Then my parents and little sister came to visit for the weekend, but that is its own post.

Despite the fact that we had lots of rainy and cold days, we still managed to have a blast. Ashton also got new church clothes this past week and he was so cute on Sunday, I had to take a picture of him, He looks so handsome all dressed up. He even got new shoes. I especially love that he poses for pictures now, he is just too cute!