Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ashton's Room

Well I finally finished Ashton's room. After waiting almost four weeks for replacement pieces for his dresser, they were finally delivered and I was able to finish putting it together. It is so big that we actually have extra drawers which makes it perfect because he can grow into it. His room turned out so cute and he LOVES it. Every toy now has a place and everything is organized which makes me and Ashton very happy. I am just glad it is finally done and finally looks nice.

*It's hard to catch all the angles of his room, so there are several pictures to capture the 360 degree view.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. Ashton was able to celebrate Valentine's day a few times this week. He had a party at school where they made cute little Valentine holders and passed out Valentines to each other. Then we were at my parents house for the actual day and Ashton loved the chocolate we got from Grandaddy and Grandma and Papa. He was even sneaking into to other peoples Valentines to get more :). My mom decorated the house so cute and we were glad to spend it with them. Aaron was so sweet and sent me a couple dozen roses and a wonderful card. They are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen and I have enjoyed them everyday. I packed them up so that I could bring them home and enjoy them here. Thanks honey for making my Valentine's Day so special! We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day too!

California Weekend

Since we had a three day weekend, Ashton and I decided it was time for another trip my parents house for the weekend. We were there for five days and had so much fun. It was the end of the water polo season so Taryn had two games that we were able to go to. Ashton had so much fun, he loved watching and sitting next to papa. I had never seen my sister play so it was fun to be able to support her.

Of course my mom had to sew while I was in town. I had run out of fabric on my big quilt so we went to get it and she helped me measure and get my borders on. Now the quilt is officially off to the quilters to be stippled. I can't wait to get it back. I also got the bows and Velcro sewed onto my diaper case and laptop cover. After that all my sewing projects were done and it felt weird not to have some kind of project in the mix. So my mom gave me a really cute pattern for a wall hanging for Kaylynn's room. Back to the fabric store we went and she help me get started on my next project. Ashton actually loves it when we sew because there are some really fun toys in the sewing room. He gets all his cars out and drives them around this little city. He is always asking us to go out there so he can play. He is such a trooper.

Of course the weather was fantastic while we were down and it was 80 degrees and sunny the entire weekend. When I checked the weather channel, it said it was only going to be 60 so naturally I packed clothes that were all to warm. Luckily, Grandaddy had bought Ashton some adorable outfits so he was all set with shorts and short sleeve shirts. I had packed a few cooler items just in case, but I was hot all weekend. Ashton just ran around playing outside the whole weekend. He loves having so much space to run around and he loves helping papa with the chickens. We also celebrated my brother Travis' 24th birthday and had a farewell party for my cousin Josh who is leaving on his mission. There is never a dull moment on these trips. Of course we love seeing everyone all together so it was a nice end to our trip. It was a wonderful weekend and as always we can't wait to go back.