Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Boy or a Girl?

This past week Aaron, My mom, Grandmommy, Ashton and I all went to this place called Miracle in Progress to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I am 16 weeks at this point and the place we went to was a 3-D imagining place that gives you awesome pictures of the baby. Of course I have babies that don't like to cooperate during ultrasounds so it took a few minutes to get the baby in the right position.

Then the huge shock came that we are having a GIRL! All of us were convinced that it was another boy (except Grandmommy and Aunt Melissa) so all of us said are you sure. She said 100% yes and then showed us on the big monitor that she was definitely a girl. After the shock wore off, we were very excited. Now we have one of each so we don't have to stress about it on the next one. Aaron then told him that he had been secretly praying for a girl so he could finally have his princess. I already knew that the color of her room is going to be purple so I can't wait to pick out colors and the fabric for her bedding.

Our darling little girl looks healthy and wonderful. That is the best news you can hear when your pregnant. I have my ultrasound with the doctor in less than two weeks so I will get even more pictures of our little girl. Of course she was hiding so we were unable to get any 3-D pictures, but I would like to go back at 32 weeks or so and have it done again. Here are the pictures we did get, she's beautiful already. Now we just have to agree on a name. So far the winner is Kaylynn Lee Mohler. Another name in the running is Hailey, but were leaning toward Kaylynn. It's different and beautiful just like her.

Family Pictures

One thing I love about going home for the Holiday's is that we always take family pictures every year. For one it gives us great Christmas cards and new pictures to hang in the house, but it also captures our ever changing family. I know I don't look pregnant in these pictures, but I see it :). Ashton usually is my little ham, but he wasn't in a smiling mood this year. We went to this train park in Poway for the pictures, which just happened to be the park Aaron and Ashton used to play at. Of course he wanted to play instead of posing for pictures. It was a beautiful and fun setting despite my uncooperative almost three year old. I am hoping to have his three year old pictures done this week and am hoping for a better smile. Nonetheless the pictures turned out beautiful and I love them. Here are my favorites.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

King Size Quilt

After my mom made her beautiful quilt for her bed, I decided I wanted to make one for my bed. While we were visiting, we went to the fabric store and the second I walked in I felt overwhelmed and like we weren't going to accomplish anything. My mom took me back to the civil war inspired fabrics and quilts. I saw a sample on the wall and loved it! So I bought the fabric and pattern. The quilt I am making is called Savannah and was inspired by fabric and an actual pattern from the 1800's. I spent yesterday cutting out all the center squares and laying them out. I wanted to post pictures of a sample quilt and my fabric. I am so excited to start this project and will hopefully finish it before the baby's born. I also have to make the baby's bedding in the next few months too, so I will be sewing up a storm in my spare time for the next several months! Wish me luck!
Sample of the Quilt
The Outside Border of the quilt
The Backside of the quilt
6 fabrics that alternate to make up the center squares.
The lining of the squares (called sashing)
Cornerstones of the squares and Binding
The laying out process

Thanksgiving in San Diego

This year, we went to spend thanksgiving with my family in San Diego. Of course I packed all sweaters and long sleeves now that I am used to it getting cold in November. And to my surprise it was 80 degrees on thanksgiving and I was dying of heat! Then the last day we were there it rained all day and was in the 50's. That weather I was prepared for. I should have known better growing up in California, but I tend to forget to think about the location I'm headed and pack what I wear everyday. Something to remember for Christmas!

My mom hosts Thanksgiving every year and this year we had 40 people to dinner. I am pretty sure her and I spent and entire day in the kitchen. It started the night before when we made three pies, stuffing, prepared the salad, and set up all the tables. The cooking continues the next day just getting all the final touches ready for dinner. Of course many people cooked to prepare enough food for forty people, but my mom and I had fun being in the kitchen together.
Ashton had a blast playing with all his cousins. They ran around all day chasing each other and jumping on the trampoline. Ashton of course tried to join the big boys baseball game because he thinks he is as big as them. It was cute to watch him run around and chase them. Only a couple more years and then T-Ball starts, I can't wait!

It was so much fun to see so many family members all in one day. It was actually a challenge to run around and talk to everyone. The food was fantastic and the pies were my favorite part. My mom always has beautiful flowers arrangements(that she does herself) and I always enjoy having those around for days after. We spent five days with my family and we had a lot of fun. We always enjoy spending time with them and just hanging out and going shopping. Thanksgiving was wonderful and well worth the drive to be there.

Tis the Season for Baking

This month I have actually done a lot of baking and it has been so much fun. Ashton knows the drill that when the mixer comes out it means something yummy is cooking in the kitchen. He grabs a chair, pulls it up to the counter and helps. He wants to put in all the ingredients and he especially loves licking the bowl and paddles when we are done. We have been baking pies and cookies practicing for the Holidays. It's something I always did with my mom and I am so excited that Ashton enjoys it too. If I'm lucky, he will continue to like it and he will become as good of cook as his daddy and mommy :).
I really enjoy baking and that is something I learned from my mom. I only wish I had more time to do it. I can make really yummy desserts, but they don't always look pretty. I am hoping one day I will learn how to make all my desserts look as pretty as hers. I know she will just tell me practice makes perfect, but a few classes couldn't hurt :).

Something Special

After a long day of grocery shopping and running errands, I turn around to see Ashton bringing me a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Aaron had bought them on his way home from work that morning and had waited all day to give them to me. My arrangement isn't as beautiful as something Grandmommy would have done, but they are beautiful and I have enjoyed them for several weeks. I am surprised they are still alive, but they smell beautiful and bring a wonderful touch to our kitchen. It was a wonderful surprise and I wanted him to know how much it was appreciated. Thank you honey! Love You!

Family Visitors this month

This month we were lucky enough to have visitors from both sides of our family here in Las Vegas. Grandaddy was the first to come up and see us. We love when he comes to visit because we get to spend time with just him. When you are in a family as big as mine sometimes its hard to get alone time with any one person. Grandaddy is someone I have learned a great deal from and he has also given many great words of wisdom. This trip he surprised me and brought me a present. He and Grandmommy had bought me a bag full of beautiful new maternity clothes. My mom went and picked them out so of course they were perfect. It was the best surprise ever. There is nothing better when your pregnant than getting new clothes when the ones your used to don't fit any more.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Grandaddy and Grandmommy and Mom! I love them all and am grateful for the wonderful surprise!

Our second group of visitors was from Aaron family. Cindy, Hans, Grandpa, Amanda, Micah and his girlfriend had all arrived in Vegas to spend their thanksgiving here. Of course as luck would have it, we were leaving for CA for Thanksgiving, so we headed over to their condos the night before we left to see them. It is always wonderful seeing Aaron's family because we don't get to see them very often. We had dinner together and were able to just spend time talking and catching up. Hopefully next time they come to town, we will be able to spend more time with them. It was a blast to see them and we can't wait for the next visit.

We love seeing family, especially when they come here. We hope to see more of you soon. We love and miss our families dearly, so visits are always welcomed!
*Of course I didn't take enough pictures because I forget about it when I'm having fun, but here are the couple I did take.

First Table Cloth

Since we bought a beautiful new table, I decided we should put a table cloth on it so we could keep it nice. I also wanted to decorate the table nice for our little get together. So off to Walmart we go to buy a new table cloth. Of course I had to buy a table that came in a size that was not an option to buy for table cloths. So off to the fabric section I go to find fabric to make my own. I decided since it was time to decorate for Christmas anyways, I would make a Christmas theme table cloth. Because the fabric was thin, we wanted to buy a backing material to make it a little thicker. So I measured and sewed and several hours later I had my first table cloth. It's not 100% perfect, but it's great for my first try and for making it up as I went along. I love the fabric and think the entire table turned out beautiful.