Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Newest Member of the Family

No I didn't have Kaylynn early, but we did adopt a puppy over the weekend. I know your thinking we must be crazy since we have a new baby on the way, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring him home.

His name is Tank and he is a 1 year old pure bread German Shepherd. He is black and tan and probably one of the best looking shepherds I have seen. He is pretty much full grown, so if your thinking he looks huge, he is. He previous owners were awesome and had already trained him really well. He was already potty trained, crate trained, and knows all the basic commands. This is much better than getting a six week puppy and having to do it all yourself. We spent the entire first day with him helping him transition to his new home. I don't think we left his side for three days so he would know us, love us, and respect us. He truly is an amazing dog and I have loved having him so far. We have already taken him to the mountains and he loved it as much as we do.

Ashton and Tank are probably the cutest couple I have seen. Ashton can give him commands and Tank listens. They chase each other around the yard and play fetch. This was the best buddy we could have given Ashton and every day he can't wait to play with them. I can actually sit outside and relax and just watch the two of them play. Aaron takes him for a run everyday and I take him for a short walk. He has lots of energy of course, but it keeps us all on our toes and we all love playing with him. He's a great companion to us all and I feel safe just having him there.

The biggest challenge has been getting the cats used to their new brother. This has been an interesting and funny process. Diamond still thinks she is bigger than the dog so she charged right him hissing away to show her dominance. I think she thinks she a big dog. The other day we fed Tank some wet food outside and we had left the slider open. Diamond came sneaking up under the lawn furniture starting eating his food and hissed at him as if he was eating her food. Tank just walked away and laid in the grass. Aaron and I just started laughing and couldn't believe she had the balls to take his bowl. They are doing much better together, but this transition will still take some getting used to for all the pets. He is an awesome dog and we are excited to have him.

Our Week

Well one would think that since I'm 36 weeks pregnant now that I would start taking it easy and some much needed rest. Well that just isn't me! Last week, we discovered that we had a mouse problem in our garage. We bought poison and sticky sheets trying to catch them and it wasn't working (even though they were eating the poison). So Aaron finally bought the old fashioned traps and started catching them within an hour. Within 24 hours he caught and killed 8 mice. Then the work began. Now that we had killed them all, we had to clean out our entire garage, go through every box, and make sure we caught them all and that they weren't hiding anywhere. At first this was an easy task and then I started looking at all my baby stuff and reminiscing. I found a ton of pictures which I decided should be scrap-booked and brought inside. Needless to say this was an all day event, but it left our garage smelling like Pinesol and looking the cleanest it has ever been. I just finished the scrapbook today of the 400 pictures I found in my boxes.

Of course the fun doesn't stop here. Since that was a boring day, we decided we would go hiking again out at Red Rock and find new trails to explore. Of course I can't go as far as I used to go, but it is still fun to wonder around and let Ashton enjoy the great outdoors. Our trip to California wore me out so we did a lot of playing at home and the park. They finally turned the water features back on at the park and Ashton just LOVES playing in the water. We have been to the park almost every day this past week just playing and enjoying the sunshine. Its really been a nice week of just spending time with each other. The only pictures I took were our trip to Red Rock and boy are my boys handsome! With all this activity, I'm pretty sure Kaylynn is going to come out running and ready to go and posing for pictures.