Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! I am grateful for the troops, past present and future and for the freedom they protect. I'm especially thankful for Aaron and his continued service to our country. He's the perfect example of a true patriot. It's days like today we need to remember the sacrifices those have made so that we can enjoy the lives we live. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Pictures to come soon!

Aarons Birthday/Happy Father's Day

This year Father's Day just happened to be on Aaron's birthday so we got the pleasure of celebrating both in one day. The kids and I decorated the house and made Aaron a cake the night before. It was a nice surprise for him when he got home that night. Aaron had to work on his birthday so we decided we would go to breakfast to celebrate. Of course as soon as Aaron and Ashton woke up they both ran down to the table and wanted to open presents. He got lots of presents and I'm pretty sure he loved them all. Krystle and Luke came and met us for breakfast and to celebrate. It was a lot of fun and Aaron had a good time so it was a great day. Happy 27th birthday Aaron, we love you!

Ashton's Swim Lessons

Ashton has always loved the water and swimming. So now that he is a little older, it was time to start swim lessons. Ashton was so excited, he couldn't wait to get started. His teacher, Stefani, was so wonderful with him that he absolutely loved it. He was even swimming by himself for short distances by the end of the week. I have continued to try and work with him, but its still a work in progress. He does awesome with just a kick board or a noodle, but are still working on swimming without aids. He is signed up for another week of lesson at the end of July. Its our goal to having him totally swimming on his own by the end of the summer, so we will see what happens :). Kaylynn was such a trooper, she would just hang out or sleep while Ashton had his lessons. She was so cute and smiling on the day I was taking pictures, I only caught a half smile, but she still is adorable. It was really fun to watch Ashton progress, I can't wait till our next lessons.

Kaylynn's First Hike - Mt. Charleston

It is definitely that time of year again that were we like to spend our free time as a family at Mt. Charleston. We have been waiting till Kaylynn was a little older before taking and we finally decided it was time to go. We loaded into the car, including tank, and set off for our favorite place. We didn't go very far, but it was so much fun to just let Tank and Ashton run around. Kaylynn did fantastic as she slept through the whole thing. Sadly our hike was quit the work out for me and I realize how far my body has left to go. Having a baby definitely takes it toll and when things that used to be easy become hard, it helps you remember to take it easy. It was a really fun day and I can't wait till Aaron is on a normal work schedule again so we can go on more of these hikes as a family.

Another Trip

Since Aaron has been on such a crazy work schedule, he has been nice enough to let the kids and I go on lots of little vacations to see my family. It's summer time and really hot in Vegas, so the kids and I like to go to San Diego where its much cooler and have lots of family to play with. This was Kaylynn second trip and she was only 4 weeks old. This trip was a lot longer and we were able to see a lot of people. One of the days we were down, I took the kids to my sisters house in Orange County. The kids had a blast playing in the backyard, watching movies, and just running around the house. My sister and I of course sewed, which I was excited about because she taught me how to make little skirts for Kaylynn. I made one jean skirt and a little purple skirt. They were so tiny, it looked like little doll clothes, it was so much fun. Another day we were able to go visit my Grandma Rita, it was the first time she had seen Kaylynn and it was really nice to be able to sit and visit with her. My friend Krystal came over and was able to see Kaylynn and visit for a while which is always fun. I can't believe her little Kaitlyn is already one. The final night we were there was Taryn's last clogging show. I have been taking Ashton to her shows ever since he was born. He absolutely loves going so I was glad we were here to go. Kaylynn loved the show too. She was actually turning her head around so she could see what was going on. She loved the music and the lights and just sat there watching the show. It was so funny to watch, I can't wait till I'm going to her dance shows. This was a really fun trip and I was glad that we were able to see so many people. Since it was so packed there are lots of fun pictures to share :).