Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taryn's Clogging Competition

This past weekend my little sister Taryn had a clogging competition in St. George, Utah. Since Vegas is so close, my parents and sister stayed with us and then Ashton and I got to go with them to St. George to watch her compete. I LOVE going to Taryn's dance stuff and it gets me excited to have a little girl. I hope she likes dancing like me and her auntie. She was in three dances and they took 1st, 2nd, and third. This means that the get to compete at Nationals, which will be in Salt Lake. Depending on when that trip is, I am hoping we can go and watch her then too. Ashton actually LOVES watching the dances. He likes the music and all the moves. He even knows when to clap and sits in his own chair like a big boy. I told him to get used to it because we might be doing it a lot :). It was really fun to drive around St. George and see how much the city has changed. We went and saw the lakes and checked out a few new communities. It was even more fun just being able to spend the weekend with my parents and little sister. We can't wait for our trip to see them next week. Thanks for staying with us guys, we LOVED it! Way to go Taryn for making it to Nationals.

Ashton's School Easter Party

Since this week is Spring Break, Ashton class celebrate Easter on the last day of school last week. We went to a park near by so the kids to do an Easter Egg hunt and play some games. They were all so adorable and had so much fun together. Mrs. Moore does such a good job with all their crafts and activities. Ashton just adores her and loves his class. The Easter party was fun and I know all the kids had a blast. The kids even made their own Easter Baskets. They got to paint and glue on bunnies and Mrs. Moore then filled it with goodies. What a great way to start off spring vacation and celebrate Easter!
I included a little video clip of a game they played. They were suppose to roll the egg with their nose through the cones. It was so funny and cute to watch them try.

Sewing Projects for Kaylynn

About a month ago, I ordered a custom new car seat cover for Kaylynn. I bought my own fabric, sent it to the girl, and then just paid a flat fee for her to sew it for me. I just got it back last week and got the car seat washed and ready to go. It turned out so cute and it's one of a kind. She did a wonderful job and I am so happy with it. If your looking for a custom car seat go to esty and search for Sassy Stork.

This past weekend, my mom sister and dad all came to visit. Of course my mom and I had to sew while she was here. She was able to stipple Kaylynn's heart quilt that I had made last month. She did a fantastic job and I was glad that I was able to watch her do it so that I can start learning how to do this technique myself. It was also fun to get her wall hanging hung and see how everything in her room is coming together. The quilt turned out so adorable! My mom was also able to finish Kaylynn's crib pillow while she was here. My sister embroidered the pillow and my mom did the rest from scraps from her crib set. Such an adorable pillow, everything she does is perfect and fantastic. I am so blessed to have such a talented Mom to learn from.