Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spring Reserve

Since Ashton and I have spent most of the week staying at home, I decided we needed to get out of the house and do something different. One of the things I miss about Southern California is that there are so many parks and attractions to take your kids too. Even though there are a lot of parks and hiking, there aren't a lot of attractions meant for kids. One of the attractions they do have is the Spring Reserve. It showcases the desert and its wildlife and also gives you the history of Las Vegas. They had several kid areas where they could run around and play as well as trails and tours. If anything, it's a great place to let your kid run around and expense some energy, even if he can't appreciate the wonderful information that is there. Ashton had a lot of fun seeing the rabbits and lizards, as well as playing in the kid areas. I feel like there was a lot we didn't see, but it was fun to walk around and see another side of Vegas. I am very tempted to buy the year pass so that I can keep taking Ashton back and try new trails and exhibits. I know he had a blast and it wore him out, which is hard to do. It was a fun day and something we will definitely go back and do again.

Upcoming Projects

Lately I have been feeling like we haven't really been doing anything blog worthy and so I have been sitting her thinking about what we have been doing since our vacation. I realize that we have had a lot of play dates so that Ashton and I can catch up with friends. I also took on the project of decorating both the kids rooms. So I have been buying furniture, looking at wallpaper, and picking out paint colors. I did not know how hard of a task I was taking on. Thank heavens my parents are coming to help me paint next weekend and pull it all together. Of course I can't post pictures of this enormous project until its complete, but wanted to take note of what I've been working on. Each day I'm getting a little further, but if it seems like we aren't out as much playing, it is because we are inside working and playing in the kids room. I know they will both turn out so wonderful, but I can't wait for this project to be done! For now, I did get the crib put together and the bedding on. Yes I'm missing the crib sheet, but its on its way. It just looks so beautiful, I had to share.

Kaylynn's 22 Week Appointment

This week I had my twenty-two week check up. Yes I'm officially over the half way hump, I can't believe how fast it is going. Although these appointments are short, I always love hearing the heart beat and knowing that we are moving along right on track. Kaylynn is doing great and everything is progressing as it should. She is big enough now that I feel her moving around everyday. She has really strong legs, which reminds me a lot of Ashton at this stage. I love being to the point where you can feel the baby moving, it helps me rest easy that she is doing well. It also tells me that I have another active baby on the way. This is no surprise seeing as Aaron and I are very active parents and we all know Ashton has the energy of at least five people. I have gained 9 1/2 pounds (not my favorite part of being pregnant) and feeling great. Trina teases me that I'm in my nesting phase because I always running around trying to get a million things done at once. What can I say, I like to keep busy and feel accomplished :). Ashton's been a trooper and has gone with me to almost every doctors appointment. He gets so excited to either see the baby or hear her heartbeat. It's not always easy to take him, but he really enjoys it. He is even kissing my belly now and saying hi to his little sister. Let's hope that love and compassion continues once she arrives!
*Yes I had to do my own self portrait again and this time it wasn't as easy. Not the most flattering pictures of myself, but it shows my belly's progress. Yes you can finally see that I am pregnant!

Ashton and his Scooter

While Ashton and I were visiting my parents, he decided he would learn how to ride a scooter all by himself. I have been trying to get him to ride a bike and he hasn't shown much interest, but loves being pushed around on the scooter. His uncle Trenton showed him how to do by himself and away he went. Since Ashton got a bike from Santa, I went to the after Christmas sale and found an awesome deal on a cute little red scooter. He rode it all over my parents house and now that we are home we take it to the park with us and he rides around in between playing on the slides. I couldn't believe he is really balancing well enough to do it. I just think he is so cute and its so fun to watch him. We are making progress on the bike, but he prefers to run around with his scooter. There is one picture and one video clip of him on his scooter at the park. My little Ashton is just getting so big!

Something Nice

I don't know a single lady out there who doesn't LOVE to get flowers. Last week I was rushing around, making my list of what I wanted to do, and getting Ashton ready for school. I went and dropped him off and came home for a minute to gather my thoughts and make a plan for what I wanted to accomplish with my 2 1/2 hours of me time. Then the doorbell rang. I looked through he peep hole and saw a delivery man with flowers in his hand. I opened the door, signed for the flowers, and found the perfect spot on my counter for them. It was a simple arrangement, but they were beautiful and I enjoyed them for more than a week before having to toss them out. Not only did I get beautiful flowers, but I also got a wonderful card to go along with them. I included a picture of the card so that when I scrapbook my blog, I can always remember the wonderful message it had. Thank you honey for making my day! He can be so sweet and thoughtful.