Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Naked Child

For some reason, unknown to me, Ashton prefers to be naked or just in underwear whenever we are at home. No matter how many times I put clothes on him and dress him, he ends up with close to nothing on every night. I at least don't have this problem when we are out of the house, but at home its another story. Ashton loved his Halloween costume and is often running around in his cowboy hat with his gun. The other night we got back from dinner and Aaron and I went up stairs to change while Ashton stayed downstairs to play. We both laid down in bed for a minute because we were tired. About 5 minutes later, Ashton comes walking up the stairs with nothing on except his cowboy hat! We just looked at him and started laughing. I am hoping this is just a phase that he will grow out of, but he still just cracks me up. These are the moments you just want to remember about your child. He was so proud of himself that he was smiling from ear to ear. He then preceded to dance around the room pretending to shoot the gun that Aaron had made for him out of pipe. Shortly after we threw in him the shower and got him ready for bed, but it was definitely the most entertaining part of our evening. What will he think of next!? I took a few pictures, which I edited out the bottom half, just so every one else could share a laugh with us.

The Lion King

This past weekend, Mandalay Bay was offering almost 50% discount tickets to see the Lion King if you were a local to Las Vegas. This is one of the shows I have been really wanting to see, but tickets are a little expensive. Aaron and I decided it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Ashton is still a little young to go see a show, but the Lion King was his new favorite book and movie and we thought he would love it. We were right, he loved it!

It was a fantastic show, a must see for anyone. The costumes and the props were amazing. They not only were performing on the stage, but we also dancing down the aisle and on platforms on the side. Most of the songs and lines were the same from the movie, but they did add a couple new songs and speaking parts to blend it in. Ashton was so excited through out the entire show. He did pretty good, but got a little board in the second act during the slow songs. It was an amazing experience to sit down in the front row only a few feet from the actors. We were so glad that went and were able to see such an amazing event. It was especially fun to get dressed up and go downtown since we are never on that side of town. For anyone who wants to see a show in Las Vegas, this is definitely one to see.

*If your wondering why Ashton is making a funny face, it's just because he is stubborn and didn't want to take a picture. I added it anyway because I love his new outfit and he is still cute even when his being a stinker. :)


So what a busy week it was last week! After already being to two Halloween parties, my friend Becca invited Ashton and I to come to their preschool Halloween party. Of course we said Yes! Ashton was so darn cute in his outfit, I loved that he got to wear it a bunch. She did such a good job hosting the party. They did story time, matching game, pin the nose on the pumpkin, made witches brew (which was homemade root beer), and fed everyone a yummy lunch. Ashton was shy at first, but had so much fun participating in all the activities. It was a great party.

Then Halloween finally rolls around and Ashton wakes up with a fever. Since it is such a scary flu season this year, we decided it would be best if we just stayed home and got Ashton better. We just played in pajamas the whole day in between taking naps. It was actually nice to just be home all together for an entire day. The next day he was already feeling better and back to his old self. I was a little bummed we didn't take him trick or treating or even hand out candy for that matter. But, I was glad he got better so quickly and that we had already gone to so many Halloween parties that it made up for missing the actual holiday. Here's a bunch of pictures from the last party we went too. Thanks Becca for inviting us to such a great party, it was fun!