Saturday, August 20, 2011

Water Fun

While Vicky was visiting we decided to get the kids some water toys to play with in the heat.  Well three slip and slides and two pools later :) we have had many fun days in the back yard.  Vicky and Ashton had a blast playing water guns and when she left, I had to take over.  Kaylynn was not crazy about the water toys, but she loves swimming.  I guess the hose water was to cold, even though she loves all swimming pools and lakes :)  None the less it has been a fun summer and my kids are just so fun to play with. 

The last couple pictures are of my creative children.  We bought a new storage ottoman for our family room that was twice the size of our old trunk.  Well they thought it would be fun to climb and side and play with the toys in side the ottoman.   They were so excited to see all the toys they literally dove right in to play.  They seriously crack me up.  Kaylynn and Ashton, I love you and love that you make me smile every day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Snow in May!

Towards the end of May, we decided it would be fun to go up to the Mountains since we hadn't been there since the fall. We thought it would be warm and fun to let the kids run around. Boy were we in for a surprise! As we are driving to the mountains we noticed the temperature keep dropping. This normal when you travel from desert to mountains, but it was a dramatic difference. Then all of a sudden it started snowing. It wasn't cold enough to stick, but it was enough to make everything wet and see snow flurries falling from the skies. The kids thought it was funny and liked seeing the snow. Sadly it was to wet and cold to get out of the car, so we basically went for a log drive. It was a good thing we stopped for lunch before we left. It was still a fun day and pleasant surprise to have snow in May. You will have to click on the picture to blow it up in order to see the flurries, but I promise its there! It's a good thing my kids love driving and are for the most part easy going. Love my cute babies and love our family days.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vicky's May Visit

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mom (Vicky) came to see us during the week of Kaylynn's first birthday. This was an extra special visit because Aunt Donna (Vicky's sister) was with her for part of the week. Mom had come down for a work conference, which Aaron was also going to for work. They had fun going to classes and lunch together. Donna and Vicky came to our house to hang out with the kids and we went to Outback for dinner. We had so much fun visiting and hanging out. Once the work conference was over, Donna flew home and Mom came to stay with us for the rest of the weekend. We loved seeing Donna and catching up with her. We don't get to see Aaron's family as much, so we always love whatever time we can spend together.

The rest of Mom's trip was playing with the kids and helping with Kaylynn's party. Ashton LOVES when grandma Vicky comes to town because they play non-stop! Now that Kaylynn is mobile, grandma is really going to have her hands full! I know those two wear me out on a daily basis :). It was a really great weekend and we loved spending it with family. We look forward to our next trip to visit Aaron's family or their next visit to see us! We love you guys, thanks for a great week.

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