Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let It Snow

I know it's early in the season, but yes folks we have snow in the Las Vegas mountains. No it isn't quit cold enough, but the local ski resort decided to start making their own snow. Since Ashton has never seen it before, we decided to drive out and play in it. Krystal, Luke and her friend Dan also came with us. We all decided to take the scenic chair lift ride, which was really awesome. You could see all the way to the dessert floor from the top of the mountain. It is always so beautiful there and it will always be one of our favorite places in Las Vegas. After the chair lift, we let the boys play in the snow, had some lunch, and went on a beautiful hike. Aaron made Ashton another walking stick, which is necessary for any hike. One of these days we will remember to bring one from home now that Ashton has three of them. It was a lot of fun spending time all together and exploring another side of the mountain. It was also fun to see snow! It's been a few years since I have even been in snow and now its less than thirty minutes away. Hopefully we will get our first real snow fall soon!

Pumpkin Patch

We are fortunate enough to live in town that is very festive. A couple miles from our house is a pumpkin patch with rides, games, and food. Every time we have gone to the store, we drive by this pumpkin patch and every time Ashton asks if we can go. Finally we decided to take him knowing he would love it. It almost felt like we were at a fair. I got my snow cone and Aaron got his corn dog. There was a bounce house, petting zoo, a big slide, trampoline, and a small ride. I thought Ashton would want to do it all, but as soon as he saw the slide that was the only thing he wanted to do. We bought him tickets and he went down it 20 times in a row. Aaron had to take him the first time, but after that he was on his own. Ashton laughed the whole time and loved all the pumpkins. Of course we bought a huge pumpkin, which we have yet to carve. It was a really fun afternoon! Now every time we drive by, Ashton says slide mom. Next we will carve our pumpkin and make a pumpkin cheesecake to celebrate Halloween.

Ashton the Builder

One of Ashton's favorite shows right now is Bob the Builder. He is always trying to help Aaron fix things around the house and LOVES his tool set that we got him last Christmas. Against my best efforts, Ashton has never been a hat person. I was working on chores around the house and decided to peak in on Ashton and see what he was up too. He had pulled his tools out of the closet and was quietly working at his work bench, safety hat and all. I get such a kick out of the things he does. Every time he is playing with his tools, he puts his hat on. I try to get him to wear other hats and he refuses, the only one he will wear is his construction hat. Can we say that he is taking after his papa? Aaron is very handy and I'm sure that is were he gets it from and both his grandpas are as well. I just thought he was so cute and had to take his picture, especially since its the first hat he's worn since he was a baby.