Friday, August 27, 2010

Kaylynn's Blessing

On July 18th Kaylynn Lee was blessed at our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This was such a special weekend because so many family members were able to come and be apart of this special day. My dad gave her the blessing and it was beautiful and perfect. After church we had everyone to our house for lunch. This was our first large lunch party and it was so much fun. We were able to eat and visit and have a wonderful family afternoon. It was such a special weekend and we were so thankful for those who made the trip to Vegas to spend it with us. Kaylynn is such a lucky girl, she has so many people who love her and it was fun to so many of them here all at one time. For those who were unable to come, we missed you and hope to see you soon.
*Kaylynn looks so fantastic in her dress, thanks again Aunt Melissa and Uncle Randy, we love it!

Lake Mojave

Around 6:45 one Saturday morning, my phone rang and it was my mom. They had been at the lake all week and I had no idea why she would be calling so early. She said that my brothers were leaving early and that they had an extra hotel room and that there was room if we wanted to drive down. Mojave is a short 2 hour drive from our house and of course I said YES! Aaron had to work that day so I decided to pack up the kids and go down early so we could enjoy the entire day and then Aaron drove down separately to join us later in the afternoon.

We had so much fun, it was wonderful just being on the boat and riding around the lake. Ashton always loves going on the boat. He loves to swim and ride the tube. I tell you he is fearless and always tells papa to go faster and never wants to get off the tube. Kaylynn of course was amazing, she just slept, hung out, and ate. It was a wonderful day and completely worth the car ride there. That night we all went to see Despicable Me, which was a really cute movie. The next day we returned home with a few extra visitors. My mom, Taryn, Sharla, Mason, Brennan, Brooklynn, and Dallin stayed with us for night on there way to EFY in Utah. It was a full house, but really fun to have so many visitors. It was a great surprise weekend that we all enjoyed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Well I never would have thought that having two kids would mean that I would never find the time to blog! I can't believe its the end of August and I'm just updating July. Well it is now my goal to get caught up because it has been an extremely eventful summer. So we will start were we left off at the fourth of July.

At this time Aaron was working twelve hours a day seven days a week. Since he was never home, he was kind enough to let the kids and I take off to California for the fourth of July weekend. So off we went on our third road trip since Kaylynn had been born. I h0nestly have the best little travelers! Kaylynn sleeps and Ashton watches movies. We came down a few days early so we could enjoy hanging out with my family. Taryn and I spent a day together shopping and while we were out we took Ashton on the carousel at the mall. This is one of Ashton's favorite things to do. Taryn was nice enough to stand with him so I could sit with Kaylynn and watch.

On Saturday we had our family BBQ to celebrate uncle Sheldon's birthday. It was so much fun swimming, playing bag mitten, eating homemade ice cream and just visiting with family. I especially enjoyed spending the day with my cousin Tressah as I don't get to see her as often. Ashton even tried riding a two wheel bike and was actually doing pretty good. My mom and dad took Ashton to see the fireworks and he LOVED it. They sit right under were they set off the fireworks and it is truly amazing. I stayed home with Kaylynn and watched the fireworks from the house. It was still an amazing view and so fun to watch.

This trip was also fun because my friend Anna came up to visit with her son Tyler. Tyler is one of Ashton's very first friends and we try to get them together whenever we are in town. It was so nice to visit and watch the boys play.

It was so hard picking pictures from this trip because I honestly had so many great ones to choose from. Kaylynn was a crack up because she smiled every time I got the camera out. It was like she knew what she was suppose to do. I will say it again and again that I've got the cutest kids in world! Even though we missed spending the fourth with Aaron, it was a really fun trip and was great to spend a week out of heat and in the beautiful San Diego weather.